January 26, 2006

Future Endeavors

As I say good-bye to my business contacts, thanking them for their hard work and conveying how much I enjoyed working along side them. I think the most popular phrase I hear is, “Good luck with your future endeavors!” It’s almost so reliable that I will hear this phrase that I am beginning to wonder if there is a handbook out there with this standard reply.

I don’t mind hearing it (not a jab at you Kimberly), in fact, I’m quite certain I’ve it said to others as they embarked upon some future endeavor. It is just mildly humorous to me at the consistency at which this expression is repeated. So I thought I would use a handy thesaurus to suggest some of my favorite alternatives…

Good luck with your future…

• pursuits
• ventures
• aspirations
• adventures
• gambles
• shakedowns
• rackets
• crusades

Posted by price at January 26, 2006 02:47 PM | TrackBack

sorry, I didn't even realize I said "endeavors"! I hardly ever even use that word. I guess I am pre-programmed as an American to say that...or maybe subconsciously since I've probably heard it every time I moved, I learned that that's just what you say (Kind of like signing a yearbook with "It was great having you in ___ class this year, have a great summer and see you next fall!"). I will try to be more original next time!

Posted by: kimberly at February 3, 2006 08:44 AM

Original is good ;-) Thanks for not forgetting to KIT (keep in touch)!!

Posted by: Jeff at February 5, 2006 04:07 PM

I personally prefer Crusades. "Good luck on your future crusades" I can imagine my armor clanking against the side of the horse and the hard glare shooting through my visor as I slice my sword through some infidel.
Yeah. Bring on some holy jihads in your next work experience!

Posted by: Jordan at February 27, 2006 07:40 PM